Clients that will benefit from our consultancy service will typically be wealthy and fall into (what banks term as) the high net worth and ultra high net worth segment and hold multiple property and investment assets. We can add value to the finance search relating to new purchases of real estate, but can also take a more holistic view of the client’s portfolio of wealth, providing alternative structuring solutions that are designed to reduce the cost of borrowing to a very competitive level. Our inside knowledge of how the banks assess and price risk gives us an edge over more traditional ‘mortgage brokers’ and once again allows us to add value.

case studies

  1. Refinanced and released additional equity from a portfolio of Prime Central London Properties for an ultra high net worth Middle Eastern client. A loan of £22m was raised via a Swiss Private Bank affording funding / working capital for the client’s family office in London. Pricing was exceptionally fine at 1.75% above three month LIBOR and a capped fee.
  2. Refinanced and released equity from a London Property for a Jersey based high net worth client, who required cash flow to complete the development of an additional residential property. A loan of £1.5m was obtained after the client had failed to secure funding through his own bankers. Loan margin and fee were competitive at 2.5% above LIBOR and 1% fee.
  3. Assisted a Jersey based Trust company in securing a large £13m loan split between three corporate entities to enable the underlying beneficial owner to embark on a new business venture, which involved the acquisition and development of a commercial site in the UK. Pricing obtained undercut the client’s own bank offer by a full 1%.
  4. Introduced the concept of a loan against an investment portfolio for a high net worth client who was in the process of liquidating the portfolio to enable him to purchase a new home in London valued at £5.3m. The pricing on the portfolio loan was agreed at sub 0.6% above LIBOR, the property element of the loan at 1.5% above LIBOR and the investment manager was permitted to manage the portfolio by the lending bank.